[LAU] Life in the old beast yet! A session report

David Santamauro david.santamauro at gmail.com
Mon Nov 8 17:56:55 UTC 2010

Hi Joe,

On Mon, 8 Nov 2010 11:03:45 -0500
Joe Hartley <jh at brainiac.com> wrote:

> My studio machine has been around for a while - it's a 3GHz P4 (with 
> hyperthreading! Ohhh, 2 cores!) and 1GB RAM.  I have 2 M-Audio 1010s
> for 16 channels of I/O.  Over the past week, I modified the machine to
> use a 500GB Seagate Constellation SATA hard drive as the primary OS
> and archive drive, and an 80GB Intel X25-M SSD to record to.  I also
> installed Fedora 12/CCRMA so there was the question of how performant
> that would be.
> On top of everything, it was the first session in my new studio space,
> having moved at the end of last year and needing some time to get the 
> space into shape.  This was just an overdub session, but the system
> performed very well - not a single xrun all evening - and the new
> space was comfortable and worked really well.

Congrats ...

What is/was your jackd command line? Or the parameters you used for
period size, sample rate etc.



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