[LAU] Audiofire8 and how I chose the wrong motherboard.

Toby toby at tobiah.org
Sat Oct 2 21:16:06 UTC 2010

Short version:

Have an Audiofire8, and it works great through FFADO but only with
Jack.  Jack is cool, but how do I get my normal system
sounds (like from Firefox, etc...) out of it?  Alsa seems
not to be present at all.  Did I choose badly?  Can I ever get
normal ALSA programs to see my Audiofire 8?




I ordered a refurb box from Fry's in US.  8 Gig Ram, 1TB Hd,
four core AMD Phenom, +extras $600.  How could I refuse?

Excitedly opening the box upon arrival I noticed that there
was no PCI slot on the board whatsoever.

So I go to the net.  At that time there were only purely consumer
type PCI-e sound boards, and I gave up on that.  I had good luck
with my USB 1.0 Tascam US-122 with linux, so without diligently
checking compatibility, I ordered the US-144mkII; I need RCS

A brief search after receiving the unit told me that I was lame,
and should be ashamed to call myself a Linux user due to my lack
of research before ordering.

So I look around, and decide on an Echo again.  This time an
Audiofire8.  I wanted the 4, but found the 8 on Craigslist
for $300 flat.  Seems I could not pass that up.

I had done at least cursory research this time, and was indeed
able to get the unit working properly through FFADO, but apparently
only through Jackd.  That's pretty cool for Ardour, but I can't even
get Audacity or alsaplayer to use jack.  Plus, how will I ever get
Firefox, or other possibly non-jack aware programs to play
through jack?  I don't seem to have any alsa devices, even though
the unit works great with Ardour.

I suppose I could just dedicate another mixer blade to the onboard
sound card (hear Simpson's shudder: Ughghghghghghhhhhhhhh).

I seem to always be chasing rainbows.  I remember when Alsa first
came out.  I thought it looked really neat, but not much used it
at first.  Then they had OSS emu, etc, but it took a long time for
ALSA to win the audio war, and then another long time before it
was second nature to me, and everything started to support it, and
now, even oss emu seems a thing of the past.  /dev/dsp?  what's that?

Now, with Jack, it seems that I am on another loop of this treadmill.



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