[LAU] Arranging furniture in a room

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Tue Oct 19 12:43:52 UTC 2010

Hello Arnold!
   Unfortunately placing the desk in front of the window, is not really a think 
to do, because the radiator is directly under the window. so the PC won't like 
it and I'm not sure how much the speakers will like it. It's a south facing 
room and I enjoy EVERY light coming in, even in summer with 30+ C. :-)
   But I'll put the desk in the middle of one wall and will put the cupbaord to 
one side and the shelf to the other. I'll try my best to create equal surfaces 
in the cupboard and the shelf. I don't have books. I only have CDs and sme 
stuff. I'll try distributing it in a good way, maybe I can have a clothe 
before the shelf and maybe I can get cloth on the cupboard as well. Somewhere 
around the desk, I'll also have to space my keyboards as well. :-)
   Kindly yours

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