[LAU] Arranging furniture in a room

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Tue Oct 19 13:25:45 UTC 2010

Hi Julien,

unless you put your speakers and pc in direct contact with the radiator, it 
should not be a problem. Even cables that have a direct connection should 
survive that just fine. Standard specs says 150°C and as we are in Germany, 
they will actually survive two to three times of that. (For selling them with 
150°C specs, they must withstand 300°C, for engineers using them in 
installation, they must withstand 450°C to get the 150°C sign...)

Just keep ~15cm between your pc and the radiator and it should be okay... Of 
course, opening the window becomes a problem when your desk is to filled-up.

If you fill the shelve with uneven objects, that is good too. Better spend the 
clothings for walls not covered in shelve or drawers.

I have my keyboards at the right of my desk (in an L-shape). I noticed a few 
years ago that right is the better side for it so I can play with the right 
hand and control the mouse/keyboard with my left hand without crossing arms.

I am kind of wondering because the normal things I would put up to reduce 
reflections while being aesthetic, would be posters, pictures and maybe cloths-
artwork. But for you it doesn't really have to look nice (only for visitors), 
just feel and sound right...

Have fun,


On Tuesday 19 October 2010 14:43:52 Julien Claassen wrote:
> Hello Arnold!
>    Unfortunately placing the desk in front of the window, is not really a
> think to do, because the radiator is directly under the window. so the PC
> won't like it and I'm not sure how much the speakers will like it. It's a
> south facing room and I enjoy EVERY light coming in, even in summer with
> 30+ C. :-) But I'll put the desk in the middle of one wall and will put
> the cupbaord to one side and the shelf to the other. I'll try my best to
> create equal surfaces in the cupboard and the shelf. I don't have books. I
> only have CDs and sme stuff. I'll try distributing it in a good way, maybe
> I can have a clothe before the shelf and maybe I can get cloth on the
> cupboard as well. Somewhere around the desk, I'll also have to space my
> keyboards as well. :-) Kindly yours
>              Julien
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