[LAU] yoshimi + jack session

cal cal at graggrag.com
Wed Oct 20 22:30:31 UTC 2010

On 21/10/10 02:16, alex stone wrote:
> [ ... ]
>>> Cal, just installed this, and it works fine doing its normal thing on
>>> gentoo 64bit, fluxbox WM, jack 0.119.0.
>>> There is,allegedly, jack-session support in qjackctl, but at the
>>> moment, this version of Yoshimi doesn't show up in the qjackctl
>>> session panel as a client. This may well be something i'm not doing
>>> right here, so don't panic.

... clearly that doesn't sound right.

>>> (I may try and find Torben's pyjacksm, and install that to cross-check)

pyjacksm is where it gets interesting - for me it works, but for Dan (allcoms)
it doesn't.

[ ... ]

> I've had to manually add the .yoshimi folder to save yoshimi.state.
> However, i save a state, including loaded instruments, then quit,
> saving the current state, and when i reopen Y, the state is blank with
> no previously saved instruments saved. (This may be a challenge for
> the future, not sure what the current behaviour should be.)

Sounds like the setup of $HOME/.config/yoshimi/ still needs work. Saving
session state from yoshimi via menu etc is unrelated to jack session support.
The Save Session thing allows you to reload a given configuration via a
command line param - it doesn't deal with audio/midi connections in any way.
Jack session save/load does similar/related things, but it doesn't go to
the yoshimi.state file. The jack session manager dictates where the app
should store the session data.
> The jack session stuff in qjackctl works though. I can't re-open apps
> with it, (again, not sure if this supposed to happen), but it does
> re-instate the jack-session saved connections as it should.

That doesn't sound right either. Loading a session should bring up the
relevant app(s) as well as restoring their connections.

> Not sure what other info you need.

nor am I :-(.

Thanks Alex, much appreciated.


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