[LAU] Write down music for practicing?

Lorenzo Sutton lsutton at libero.it
Thu Oct 21 07:25:54 UTC 2010

Brett McCoy wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 20, 2010 at 1:41 PM, Erik Steffl<steffl at tsoft.com>  wrote:
>>   I have lot of sheet music for practicing (guitar) and would love to have a
>> simple way to put it into computer so that I can play it.
>> Something that makes it easy to write music, could be just text (like
>> http://abc.sourceforge.net/) or regular music notation or tabs or...
>> whatever is optimized for writing down music...
>>   Just to be clear - I am not looking for a way to record the music, I want
>> to write it down in some kind of notation.
>>   playback is not a focus, if it produces midi or audio file and the rhythm
>> is correct I'm happy.
>>   (looking for opinions based on personal experience)
>>   (and yes, looking for linux solution)
> I like Lilypond, which is text-based (and makes beautiful notation),
> but if you want something more point-n-clickl, I recommend Rosegarden
> or Denemo.
I second Lilypond the output is just so beautiful!
What I usually do (as I like to se a score) is use Rosegarden, export to 
Lilypond and do some "hand" tweaks to the Lilypond source.

PS: I did these with the above mentioned method: 
http://lorenzosu.altervista.org/music_sound/guitar/ (maybe not the best 
examples, but thefact they need refinement is not because of the method 
though but because of my lack of time going back to them  :)

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