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Thu Oct 21 20:28:28 UTC 2010

Am Donnerstag, den 21.10.2010, 00:36 +0200 schrieb Ivan Tarozzi:
> Il giorno dom, 17/10/2010 alle 19.02 +0200, hermann ha scritto: 
> > Hi list
> > 
> > I have restructured guitarix a bit and split it into a amp head and two
> > effect racks. It's in svn only for now. 
> > screen-shot from the AMP is here:
> >   http://img834.imageshack.us/img834/5087/screenshot027x.png
> > I need some testers and feedback before I could make a release out of
> [cut]
> Hi Hermann
> I'm testing svn version 0.12.0 and I have some feedback and a question:
> Issue 1:
> --------
> when I execute gx_head from console or system menu I can see the 2
> "modules" gx_head_amp and gx_head_fx in qjackctl connections list.
> But if I run gx_head from the LADISH session handler (gladish), only the
> gx_head_amp is display. In the qjackctl connections are active all 2
> modules.

Hi Ivan

Yea, gx_head (ad also guitarix) is a two client app, I really don't know
if LADISH could handle this, as far as I understand LADISH I could only
register one client or LADISH will handle them as two different clients
witch will lead to wrong results in this case.

> Issue? 2 (minor):
> ----------------
> The new GUI seems better clear but when I open child windows (rack,
> effects ...) is simple to loose visual control.

I get some requests to change that and have it on the todo list on top,
I will make the extended Controllers attached in the rack directly to
give a better control and overview. 

> When I close gx_head and restart, open windows are restored but they
> didn't save their positions. So, is really hard to keep in order the
> desktop.

Do you have some Apps save their positions, witch are they, I will have
a look at the source to see how they handle that.

> Issue 3:
> ---------
> When I uncheck the menu "jack server connections" it works well.
> But the state is not saved, so next restart I need to re-clean the
> connections. Is there an option to execute gx_head without
> autoconnections?
use the parameter -i -o like that
gx_head -i - -o - -o -
to avoid auto-connection.
otherwise gx_head will allays use (ore try to use) the connections from
the last session. So when you disconnect the ports before you close it,
it will also start unconnected. The menu point "jack server connections"
will close/reopen the client handle in jack, it's also a survive option
"when" jack die (what I didn't have seen for a loooonnnngggg time
now :-) )
> I hope this will help you. You are doing a very good job!
> Finally, a question:
> where can I find some docs about the routing signal between amp and fx?
> When I run gx_head, amp is auto-connected to fx_IN and playback1&2 and
> fx_OUT are not connected.
> So my question is: when signal are processed by fx? is like a
> send/return or fx are processed after the virtual-power amplifier?
merlinthegreen have started to create a media wiki for guitarix, it's
incomplete but contain some info on that.


In short, gx_amp_head is the Mono Rack, where you can choose the Effects
for pre or post processing, the Amp simulation, the tonestack, the
cabinet and the bassboost. gx_amp_fx starts with the mono to stereo
bridge, witch can run plain or as a reverb, then the Stereo Rack and the

The bridge beetween gx_head_amp_out ad gx_head_fx_in will auto-generated
(at start-up) when now other bridge is chosen. 

The reason for the two client structure is, first, you could involve a
other Effect Rack this way BEFORE the convolver and after the Amp, or
you could use the convolver without the Amp.

greats  hermann

> Is the fx module linked to Stereo rack only? Mono Rack is involved?
> Thanks
> Ivan
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