[LAU] new guitarix breakout (gx_head)

Ivan Tarozzi itarozzi at gmail.com
Wed Oct 20 22:36:23 UTC 2010

Il giorno dom, 17/10/2010 alle 19.02 +0200, hermann ha scritto: 
> Hi list
> I have restructured guitarix a bit and split it into a amp head and two
> effect racks. It's in svn only for now. 
> screen-shot from the AMP is here:
>   http://img834.imageshack.us/img834/5087/screenshot027x.png
> I need some testers and feedback before I could make a release out of

Hi Hermann
I'm testing svn version 0.12.0 and I have some feedback and a question:

Issue 1:
when I execute gx_head from console or system menu I can see the 2
"modules" gx_head_amp and gx_head_fx in qjackctl connections list.
But if I run gx_head from the LADISH session handler (gladish), only the
gx_head_amp is display. In the qjackctl connections are active all 2

Issue? 2 (minor):
The new GUI seems better clear but when I open child windows (rack,
effects ...) is simple to loose visual control.
When I close gx_head and restart, open windows are restored but they
didn't save their positions. So, is really hard to keep in order the

Issue 3:
When I uncheck the menu "jack server connections" it works well.
But the state is not saved, so next restart I need to re-clean the
connections. Is there an option to execute gx_head without

I hope this will help you. You are doing a very good job!

Finally, a question:
where can I find some docs about the routing signal between amp and fx?
When I run gx_head, amp is auto-connected to fx_IN and playback1&2 and
fx_OUT are not connected.
So my question is: when signal are processed by fx? is like a
send/return or fx are processed after the virtual-power amplifier?

Is the fx module linked to Stereo rack only? Mono Rack is involved?



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