[LAU] new guitarix breakout (gx_head)

hermann brummer- at web.de
Thu Oct 28 13:53:54 UTC 2010

Am Montag, den 25.10.2010, 15:49 +0200 schrieb Robin Gareus:
> for completeness and since guitarix is GTK:
>   gint my_root_x, my_root_y, my_width, my_height;
>   gtk_window_get_size (GTK_WINDOW(window1), &my_width, &my_height);
>   gtk_window_get_position (GTK_WINDOW(window1), &my_root_x,
> &my_root_y);
> ..
>   gtk_window_resize(GTK_WINDOW(window1),my_width,my_height);
>   gtk_window_move(GTK_WINDOW(window1),my_root_x,my_root_y);

Thanks Robin

I will add that soon, but for now, I have integrated the effect
controllers into the rack windows, so that there are no more multiple
widgets witch confuse the overview. I will add the position reminder for
the racks and the head soon.

  Igor , could you give it a new go, and if it segfault again for you,
please give me the output from the terminal, you could mail me in
private also. 

regards   hermann

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