[LAU] shepard scale generator in supercollider

andy baxter andy at earthsong.free-online.co.uk
Sat Oct 30 20:46:33 UTC 2010


I've just been working on some supercollider code to automatically 
generate notes in a shepard scale from any incoming midi events. I 
thought I would post the code and a sample of how it sounds in case 
anyone else finds it useful.

The way it works is you send supercollider a stream of midi events 
through its midi port, and the program converts these into outgoing midi 
events which represent notes in a shepard scale. If you play a rising 
scale on a keyboard, the notes will come out as rising shepard scale 
notes; similarly for a falling scale. It works best if you feed it into 
a pure sine wave generator, but you get some interesting effects with 
other synths.

The code and the sample mp3 are here:


Any comments on the code are welcome. (I'm still fairly new to 
supercollider :) ).

hope someone finds this useful,


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