[LAU] OT: external sound for linux card advice

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Sun Sep 5 11:52:31 UTC 2010

My church uses Audiofire 12 to record the band during services. It works 
very well. Our sound tech's new laptop with Windows 7 doesn't work with 
his Firewire card, though, so we haven't recorded for a while. 
Apparently the solution is to reinstall Windows, then reinstall the 
Firewire drivers.

He and I have made a couple of brief stabs at booting his machine from 
various audio-distro live CDs, but haven't been able to get the Firewire 
recognized. (Even with a distro recommended by someone on this list who 
uses it regularly with an Audiofire 12 because it just works.)

Perhaps his Firewire card has an unsupported chipset, or maybe the 
entire card port bus isn't being recognized Don't know, it's an HP.

After I get my regular laptop working again, I plan to try using my 
laptop's built-in Firewire.

Lorenzo wrote:
> Hi Arnold, all,
> Thanks for the clarifications and feedback.
> Now I also have an offer for an echo audiofire 12 bigger and a bit more 
> expensive but I've heard very good praises for it's audio quality (and 
> it's got 12 in/outs). And, of course, it's listed "full support" on the 
> ffado site.
> Any opinions? The guy says he's got another offer so I'm kinda in a 
> hurry :)
> Thanks,
> Lorenzo.
> Arnold Krille wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On Saturday 04 September 2010 19:36:06 Jeremy Jongepier wrote:
>>> On 09/04/2010 05:06 PM, Bernardo Barros wrote:
>>>> FireWire for Laptop (thinkpad). At least 4 output channels, 8 is
>>>> better with a very decent audio quality. :-)
>>>> Possible to have this hardware robust and trustful to perform live?
>>> Then maybe a Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 might be an option, don't know how
>>> many output channels that one has, I think it has 8.
>> Pro24 has 8 outputs, 6 analog and 2 spdif.
>>> I'm testing its
>>> bigger brother, the 40, and so far it performs well. But then we're
>>> talking about a quadcore CPU with hyperthreading on a desktop machine.
>>> Don't know how it will perform on a notebook.
>> It performs well here on a 4year old turion64. Does that count?
>>> When it comes to using it live, don't know, the 'problem' with FireWire
>>> devices and JACK (at least JACK1, don't know about JACK2) is that if you
>>> run into xruns those could take JACK down completely resulting in a mute
>>> machine. I have the feeling this happens less with USB, USB just keeps
>>> going. So for live performances maybe an USB sound card might be a
>>> better option.
>> The problem  with usb is that its totally nondeterministic. One time 
>> you have
>> the bandwidth and the low latency, the next time you don't have it. 
>> And by
>> next time I don't mean the next time you plug it in but the next time 
>> a packet
>> is sent!
>> If you think, firewire is bad for audio, usb is far worse! And 
>> firewire is
>> actually pretty cool for audio. Only better ways of transporting 
>> digital audio
>> are ADAT, AES and the likes...
>> And jack2 handles xruns (no matter if its xruns of hardware or 
>> software) far
>> eaiser because os its internal structure.
>> Have fun,
>> Arnold
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