[LAU] ubuntu maverick + jack

maex at firstfloor.org maex at firstfloor.org
Mon Sep 13 14:42:19 UTC 2010


i recently switched my os from debian squeeze to ubuntu maverick.


since years i am useing the nice edirol ua-25 sound device without any problems so far.

but, ubuntu changed this. its seems jack on maverick isnt able to handle a second sounddevice.
at least the ua-25 isnt supportet at all and the jackd response with an error message:

-jack was stopped with exit status 255
-post shutwodn error 256
-could not connect to jack sserver as client - overall operation failed.

trying to get pd running with alsa for instance, results in some io stuck, no sound s playing.

the fundamental integration of the pulseaudio server seems to work well for the very basic
of buildin soundsupport, but at least for me its an unbreakable barrier for a further useage
of this distro.

has anyone a idea how to be able to run jack with a second and external hardware?

or simply change the distribution,... to osx ;-).


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