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Wed Jun 1 19:14:56 UTC 2011

Ken Restivo wrote:
> On Tue, May 31, 2011 at 12:25:02AM +0100, Q wrote:
>> allcoms wrote:
>>> Mr Q!
>>> How many prog points shall I award thee?
>>> Thanks for taking me well over my Mellotron RDA - the odd binge never
>>> did us any harm did it? I posted Larks Tongues (the Arnaud Lane vid)
>>> on my FB earlier, then I get this!
>>> Great stuff!
>> Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment -- glad you enjoyed it!
>> I'm not aware of anyone ever dying from a surfeit of Tron, although it  
>> can't be long before the health police start calling for a Tron tax to  
>> stop people bingeing ;-)
>> No doubt second-hand smoke from the ceremonial burning of recalcitrant  
>> Trons is dangerous too :D
> Great stuff! I expected to hear John Wetton bleating over the top of it at any minute. No, seriously, it floated by on randomize, and I kept saying, "Wait, is this on Red? It can't be off of Lark's Tongue becuase there's no violin or percussion. Is it a bootleg?"
> Excellent stuff. Solid playing and composition, festooned with a good deal of Frippery (sorry, couldn't resist).
> And, as some wag shouted out from the audience during ProgFest 1993: "MORE MELLOTRON!"
> -ken

Aw, you're just trying to make me blush now! I wish I could sing like 
Wetton though, I love his voice, especially on Starless.

Fortunately for eveyone everywhere I can't break out my violin (which I 
haven't touched in about 18 years) because the bridge looks to be in 
danger of collapsing.

Funnily enough, on the way to work this morning, after listening to this 
(I know it sounds vain, but I find the complete change of scenery good 
for giving a mix a critical listen) I queued up both Larks' Tongues and 
Red, no doubt inspired by Allcoms' mention of it last night.

Bruford's drumming was a definite target to aim for with the drumming in 
this. I'm a big fan of much of his style, I love the stilted, subtle 
work in Starless, the wonderful little off-kilter shuffles he uses, 
bouncing between kick and snare and the endless paradiddles for fun and 

I'm also a fan of some of Fripp's guitar tones, again a target for some 
of the guitar in this, namely that seems best achieved by the rhythm 
pick-up of a Les Paul with the tone backed right off, for example in the 
first part of Starless and the outro of Exiles (one of my favourite Crim 
tracks, again with superb Bruford stick work).

And the Tron in the first section might have had a teensy bit of 
inspiration from Starless of course ;-)

Overall though, in spite of being able to point to specific bits and 
pieces that were inspired (or nicked!) from Crimso, I wouldn't have said 
they were a huge influence, given the structure and instrumentation 
(heavy on the synths, aa fair amount of church organ and a touch of 
Hammond). There are other bits I can point to snippets of Camel, Dire 
Straits, Arena, maybe a touch of Floyd and even the Red Dwarf theme 
music, but I'm still have no clue as to what this sounds like to me. 
Which is perhaps a good thing :-)

Were the 20 tracks of Tron strings in the Egyptian Massed Mellotron 
Orchestra not sufficient for you :-P

Best wishes


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