[LAU] Please help me with Timidity

Simon Wise simonzwise at gmail.com
Sat Sep 3 04:19:33 UTC 2011

On 03/09/11 05:32, Fernando Araujo Martiniano wrote:
> Ok. I have search through timidity manual using man -t timidity.

>  But what really seems to be missing is a way to enable/disable
 > attack, brightness, decay and release. These features are

searching the timidity man page for ...

  "decay"  gets me:
        -m msec, --decay-time=msec
               Modify envelope volume decay time.  msec is the  minimum  number
               of milliseconds to sustain a sustained note.

               -m0    Disable  sustain ramping, causes constant volume sustains

               -m1    Effectively behaves as if all sustains are ignored,  vol‐
                      ume ramping is the same as normal stage 3.

               -m3000 A  note  at  full volume will decay for 3 seconds once it
                      begins to be sustained (assuming the regular stage 3 rate
                      would  not  cause it to decay even longer).  Softer notes
                      will of course die sooner.

        -R msec
               Enables  Pseudo Reverb Mode.  It sets every instrument's release
               to msec ms.  If msec is 0, msec is set to 800 (default).

        -f, --[no-]fast-decay
               Toggles fast envelopes.  This option makes TiMidity++ faster but
               the release time of the notes are shortened.

              F args For effects.  See below.  In args option, you can specify
                      following effect options:

                      delay=(d|l|r|b)[,msec], --delay=(d|l|r|b)[,msec]
                             Sets delay type.

                             d, 0   Disabled delay effect.

                             l, 1   Left delay.

                             r, 2   Right delay.

                             b, 3   Swap left & right.

                             Optional msec is the delay time.

                      chorus=(d|n|s)[,level], --chorus=(d|n|s)[,level]

                             d, 0   Disable this effect.

                             n, 1   Enable MIDI chorus effect control.

                             s, 2   Surround sound, chorus detuned to a  lesser
                                    degree (default).

                             The  optional parameter level specifies the chorus
                             level 0 to 127.

                      reverb=(d|n|g|f|G)[,level], --reverb=(d|n|g|f|G)[,level]

                             d, 0   Disable MIDI reverb effect control.

                             n, 1   Enable MIDI reverb  effect  control.   This
                                    effect is only available in stereo.

                             g, 2   Global reverb effect.

                             f, 3   Freeverb   MIDI   reverb   effect   control

                             G, 4   Global freeverb effect.

                             The optional parameter level specifies the  reverb
                             level 0 to 127.

                      vlpf=(d|c|m), --voice-lpf=(d|c|m)

                             d, 0   Disable LPF effect.

                             c, 1   Chamberlin    resonant    LPF    (12dB/oct)

                             m, 2   Moog resonant low-pass VCF (24dB/oct)

                      ns=n, --noise-shaping=n
                             Enable the n th degree noiseshaping  filter.   The
                             distortion  at  decay  stage  is improved, but the
                             noise on human auditory feeling increases  because
                             it  shifts  to a high frequency.  In case of 8-bit
                             linear encoding, valid values  of  n  are  in  the
                             interval  from  0 (min) to 4 (max).  Default value
                             is 4.  In case of 16-bit  linear  encoding,  valid
                             values  of  n  are  in  the  interval from 0 to 4.
                             According to the value,  it  works  as  following.
                             Default value is 4.

                             0      No noise shaping.

                             1      Traditional noise shaping.

                             2      Overdrive-like  soft-clipping  +  new noise

                             3      Tube-amplifier-like  soft-clipping  +   new
                                    noise shaping.

                             4      New noise shaping.

               e/E, --[no-]mod-envelope
                      Enable/disable modulation envelope controlling.

it is quite a big page, so there is probably more there.


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