[LAU] buying a new laptop

andy baxter andy at earthsong.free-online.co.uk
Thu Sep 8 09:15:36 UTC 2011

On 08/09/11 09:18, Atte André Jensen wrote:
> On 09/02/2011 10:37 PM, andy baxter wrote:
>> I have had an X61s for about 3 years now, and it's still working fine.
> I bought the x61s, it arrives tomorrow. Thought abough getting a SSD, 
> but posts in this thread suggests that might not be a good idea, maybe 
> later...
> I'm a bit surprised and disappointed about the shared interrupt of the 
> FW chip. I had an T41 some years ago, and IIRC it allowed me to tune 
> the IRQ of the FW chip, was expecting the same with the x61s. Let's 
> see when I get it.

If you work out how to change it, please let me know, as it annoys me too!

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