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Our samsung Q1 ultra works well and stable since 2.1... not much HW around
these days so we moved on to Indamixx2 which has ported nicely with RC3
thanks to Gabriel Beddingfield.

Indamixx2 on sale for $549.00

We do have customers who have hacked on their own mods of transmission 2.1
on the samsung q1 ultra and have come up with some nice results.

I have the viliv products here for years as they gave me one of each to test
on for Indamixx 2 back in 2009 but I passed until something had more CPU and
better quality build.  The Viliv had the Z Atom chip and the build waas
really flimsy... certainly not DJ duty or ready for a road gig :)

If I remember correctly Free had to hack Xorg and do some cool tweaks to get
the touch running correctly and not wonky.  It seems like wonky comes up a
lot in touch on the tablets but we are reporting good results on Indamixx2
albeit beta still and RC3 which I think is totally acceptable for a lil
audio droid that has a lot of features for music production.

Thank you

Ronald Stewart

On Tue, Sep 13, 2011 at 7:31 AM, Carlos sanchiavedraz
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> 2011/9/13 david <gnome at hawaii.rr.com>
>> Carlos sanchiavedraz wrote:
>>> 2011/9/10 david <gnome at hawaii.rr.com <mailto:gnome at hawaii.rr.com>>
>>>    Carlos sanchiavedraz wrote:
>>>        Hi all, dear LAUers.
>>>        I've been doing some testing with Musix 3 beta (based on Debian
>>>        Squeeze)
>>>    Where did you get Musix 3 Beta? I can't find anything higher than
>>>    2.1 at their site.
>>>    --     David
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>>> We're working on it right now, there some testing versions here:
>>> http://wiki.musix.es/index.**php?title=Categor%C3%ADa:**
>>> Versiones_de_prueba_de_Musix<http://wiki.musix.es/index.php?title=Categor%C3%ADa:Versiones_de_prueba_de_Musix>
>>> That wiki page is new for people who wants to colaborate that is not in
>>> the collaborator/developer's list. There wasn't such a list before. Sorry
>>> but no english version yet, but soon I hope.
>>> We've been developing version 3 for some time now, and the reports have
>>> been quite favorable, but we'd like to work on it some more. I myself hope
>>> to include some basic apps I've developed, and take the opportunity to
>>> release them on Github or similar. But as always... time is what is needed
>>> :).
>>> Regards.
>>> --
>>> Carlos sanchiavedraz
>> Ah, thanks for the news and the link. I like Musix, even though the last
>> one that worked on my musicbox was a beta of Musix 2. The production version
>> of 2 somehow lost the ability to work with the boring old Intel video
>> hardware that the beta knew how to work with.
>> Anyway, I look forward to testing Musix 3!
>> --
>> David
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> We'd love you (anyone, of course) to make some tests and we're open to new
> ideas.
> Feel free to suscribe to any of our lists; there's an english version:
> * musix-users at lists.ourproject.org
> Regards.
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