[LAU] Errors in Rosegarden's export to Lilypond

Fernando Araujo Martiniano fernando_araujomartiniano at yahoo.com.br
Tue Sep 13 18:56:54 UTC 2011

Rosegarden is
definitely the best sequencer I ever used. But I have some problems
with it as notation editor. I have read some tutorials in
Rosegarden's official site but have not solved my problem.
I want to keep the
music I write in Rosegarden as pdf scores also so that it may be
readable ad easier to play on real instruments. However most of the
time exporting as Lilypond files or printing (wich seems to use the
same process of Lilypond) brings a lot of errors.
I did small notations
experiments using scores with few measures nd it was ok. Everything
was right. But if I type a larger work such as a sonata or a
symphony, using articulation symbols, stem directions and so on I
always get errors in the Lilypond file. Most of the errors on
Lilypond output are related to tenuto or stem up / stem down
properties, but I need these settings and they are correctly
displayed on small scores (for example those that I wrote as test
files with one staff and eight meaures) but not in larger works.
I use currently the most recent version of Rosegarden, that is, 11.06. At every update they say to have improved Lilypond export but it still doesn't seem to work right.
What do I do to have
Rosegarden music printed correctly?
Fernando Martin
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