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fred f.rech at yahoo.fr
Thu Sep 15 14:22:20 UTC 2011

Le 15/09/2011 15:29, Arnold Krille a écrit :
> On Thursday 15 September 2011 14:43:14 fred wrote:
>> PURELY OT (and greenly sorry, folks !)
>> As a matter of fact, inkjet are drying out on their own, and laserjet
>> can't dry more than they are,
>> BUT,
>> are you really sure you NEED to print that much ????
> Laser is imho recommended both when you print much (>10 pages a day) and when
> you print very little (~10 print-jobs a year).
> The advantage of laser for high-volume doesn't need to be told, but for very
> low volume a laser is at an advantage too: You can completely disconnect the
> printer when not using it. With an inkjet you have the choice of unplugging
> the printer (and have the print-head dried out when you need to print that
> urgent document due tomorrow morning), or leave it connected to the mains and
> use power constantly to regularly keep the ink running a little. Needless to
> say that this consumes power and ink in times where you are not printing at
> all. And one filling of laser-toner last longer than one filling of ink (general
> statement abstracted from any printer models).
> So, if you have the choice and don't need to print colors that much, get a
> laser to print your sheets, cd inlets or backup-tape-logs.
> And to emphasize what fred says, the fastest and cheapest and greenest
> printing job is not printing at all.

Thanks for the second coat of no-print  ;-))

> Have fun,
> Arnold
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