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> I am sorry, but I had to post this. Really I did.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3QBcrliFNk
> -ken

IMO it's better to do a commercial similar to this one, instead of
uphold current "cultures".

"Because you know if you play New Kids on the Block albums backwards
they sound better. "Oh come on, Bill, they're the New Kids, don't pick
on them, they're so good and they're so clean cut and they're such a
good image for the children." Fuck that! When did mediocrity and
banality become a good image for your children? I want my children to
listen to people who fucking ROCKED! I don't care if they died in
puddles of their own vomit! I want someone who plays from his fucking
— Bill Hicks

"Raise your freak flag high" - Unknown ;)



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