[LAU] Berklee Certification

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Tue Sep 27 16:21:33 UTC 2011

On 09/27/2011 11:20 AM, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:
> Hi Brett,
> Congratulations!
indeed! félicitation!

> On 26/09/2011 18:55, Brett McCoy wrote:
>> Hey everyone --
>> I just finished up a 2 year Master Certification program through
>> Berklee Music, the program being "Orchestration for Film&  TV". I did
>> the entire program using Linux, primarily Lilypond, Rosegarden and
>> Ardour/Mixbus (and some use of xjadeo and Jamin where needed). The only
>> thing Linux wasn't used for was the use of some sample libraries like
>> EWQL PLAY and Kontakt, which were hosted on a Windows 7 machine (I
>> used QMIDINet to handle networked MIDI and ADAT via Lightpipe&  S/PDIF
>> for the return audio).
> +1 for doing most of it on Linux. 


If you could document your setup, you'll probably be able to convince
quite a few future students!

> I guess sound libraries are a one of
> the current LA problems as they tend rely on proprietary software...
> Maybe with LinuxSampler support for sfz something might change.

The problem is not so much the software; but time and equipment
(instruments, musicians, studio) to record and create those libraries -
especially orchestral sounds libraries for film scoring can be quite

Most producers of these sample-libs do simply not have the means to
support free-software: Publishing the samples in a proprietary format
solves their issue of distribution retaining copy-protection.

AFAIK sonokinetic.net is or was looking into making their libs available
for GNU/Linux applications; but I don't know any details.

A while ago the Blender Community was looking into recording samples
from a Dutch orchestra for creating a cinematic sound library in terms
of the Creative Commons License. AFAIK it never happened.

Another Dutch effort: http://opensymphonia.sourceforge.net/ is an active
project towards that goal.

>> I have a good deal of my music from these classes on Soundcloud now:
>> http://soundcloud.com/brett-mccoy
> All the best for your film-scoring career ;)
> Lorenzo.

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