[LAU] Berklee Certification

Brett McCoy idragosani at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 16:48:07 UTC 2011

> If you could document your setup, you'll probably be able to convince
> quite a few future students!

I surely will. BTW, Robin, I also used xjadeo extensively for these
classes, it served me very well for syncing music to image.

> The problem is not so much the software; but time and equipment
> (instruments, musicians, studio) to record and create those libraries -
> especially orchestral sounds libraries for film scoring can be quite
> expensive.
> Most producers of these sample-libs do simply not have the means to
> support free-software: Publishing the samples in a proprietary format
> solves their issue of distribution retaining copy-protection.

I wouldn't object to using commercial apps like Kontakt or PLAY on Linux...

> AFAIK sonokinetic.net is or was looking into making their libs available
> for GNU/Linux applications; but I don't know any details.

That would be awesome... I use a lot of Sonokinetic's libraries.

> Another Dutch effort: http://opensymphonia.sourceforge.net/ is an active
> project towards that goal.

Wonder how that is coming along... not much there right now...

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