[LAU] Yamaha DTX multi 12 on Debian

Mirko Guarnier opeth.still.life at gmail.com
Sun Apr 1 21:48:30 UTC 2012

I've done some test but no results!

Ubuntu Studio 11.10 recognize my YAMAHA correctly, ubuntu 10.04 doesn't,
debian doesn't.
ubuntu studio 11 doesn't have a realtime kernel so I can't use my drums
with rosegarden.

neither dmesg nor lspci shows something about YAMAHA (on Lucid or debian).
but USB works because cat /var/log tells me something when I plug YAMAHA

my final goal is to get a realtime kernel for recording my multi-pad with

can someone tell me what can I do?

(i 've also tried studio 64 but installation fails due to a video driver
error!!... I know, I'm not lucky...)

thanks a lot
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