[LAU] zynaddsubfx / yoshimi... beginner's questions

Renato rennabh at gmail.com
Sat Apr 7 21:35:57 UTC 2012

On Sat, 7 Apr 2012 21:48:42 +0200
"Victor A. Stoichita" <vicsto at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> I'd like to learn more about how to use zynaddsubfx. I know the basic
> setup and I understand the most obvious parameters, but is there
> something like a manual or an "advanced" tutorial somewhere?

Hi, this 
was a good read for me; it gives an overview of zyn/yoshimi's internal
workings and proceeds to explain pretty much every knob.

From my limited understanding there are some *major* improvements
yoshimi brought in performance over zynaddsubfx, and I don't think
there is any reason why you should be using zyn instead of yoshimi.

have fun,

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