[LAU] poll : Advertising vs Linux Audio

Fred f.rech at yahoo.fr
Sun Apr 22 20:31:33 UTC 2012

> You do realise that many of the tools being produced by the Linux Audio
> Community are being used in the advertising industry which makes us all
> complicit in supporting it to start with.
Could you give examples please, my poor english can' follow here :-(
> IMO we cannot avoid that fact that advertising and marketing is a very
> crucial component to global industry which enables the corporate world to
> continue to function.
I think you got the point here....
>   We should seek to manage our own channel and
> therefore the message and brand
So Linux is a brand more than a Community now ????
>   rather than avoid it all together out of
> some ridiculous fear of becoming Evil. We may even make enough money in
> the process to pay some of our community members and help them to be
> productive and motivated.
Money can be made with "products", software must be free, remember ???
> If we continue to avoid the whole issue that is exactly what the "Evil"
> marketing companies and corporations would like for us to do so that they
> can have complete control over the message, brand, content and income
> stream...
They, NOW, can have complete control over their brands, not much if you 
really look !

Nothing against you here, means we are discussing in a philosophical 
way, aren't we ?

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