[LAU] poll : Advertising vs Linux Audio

Kevin Thoma kevin.thoma88 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 22 20:56:18 UTC 2012

I love free software and almost everything about it but I fear that this
kind of mindset that "all advertising is to be avoided" is why Linux Audio
will never become as big a thing as it deserves to be.

Patrick's example of musicians marketing themselves struck a chord
(unforeseen pun) with me, as it's exactly right: My band has been "hoping
that people will come to our gigs" for the longest time but hope alone
doesn't tell people that there are five guys playing some funky music in
town, so now we're putting some effort into getting us out there.
Then there's a ton of really amazing creative people on YouTube who make
most (if not all) of their living from advertising. Advertising that allows
them to turn their passion into a living; hell, I wouldn't say no to that.

We have to be reasonable about this whole thing. I'd say that controlled
non-evil marketing can actually improve people's lives in a variety of ways.

Best Wishes,

On Sun, Apr 22, 2012 at 10:31 PM, Fred <f.rech at yahoo.fr> wrote:

>  You do realise that many of the tools being produced by the Linux Audio
>> Community are being used in the advertising industry which makes us all
>> complicit in supporting it to start with.
> Could you give examples please, my poor english can' follow here :-(
>> IMO we cannot avoid that fact that advertising and marketing is a very
>> crucial component to global industry which enables the corporate world to
>> continue to function.
> I think you got the point here....
>>  We should seek to manage our own channel and
>> therefore the message and brand
> So Linux is a brand more than a Community now ????
>>  rather than avoid it all together out of
>> some ridiculous fear of becoming Evil. We may even make enough money in
>> the process to pay some of our community members and help them to be
>> productive and motivated.
> Money can be made with "products", software must be free, remember ???
>> If we continue to avoid the whole issue that is exactly what the "Evil"
>> marketing companies and corporations would like for us to do so that they
>> can have complete control over the message, brand, content and income
>> stream...
> They, NOW, can have complete control over their brands, not much if you
> really look !
> Nothing against you here, means we are discussing in a philosophical way,
> aren't we ?
> Fred
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