[LAU] [LAA] Guitarix release 0.24.0

hermann meyer brummer- at web.de
Mon Aug 13 17:50:22 UTC 2012

Am 13.08.2012 18:40, schrieb Fons Adriaensen:
> On Mon, Aug 13, 2012 at 04:53:14PM +0200, hermann meyer wrote:
>> Am 13.08.2012 13:08, schrieb rosea.grammostola:
>>> On 08/13/2012 01:07 PM, rosea.grammostola wrote:
>>>> On 08/13/2012 10:49 AM, rosea.grammostola wrote:
>>>>> On 08/12/2012 08:52 AM, hermann meyer wrote:
>>>>>> * add buffer-size selector for oscilloscope (required by bass-players)
>>> Can you elaborate this?
>> The Oscilloscope use the jack buffer size to display the sine wave,
>> when you use jack buffers smaller then 256 to archive low latency,
>> the Oscilloscope becomes useless  for a bass player
>> (the sine wave of a low E is a way longer for example).
>> Now you can set the Oscilloscope buffer up to (jack buffer size x6)
>> to display a full sine of a low E, even when you use low jack buffer sizes.
> Excuse my ignorance, but why do bass players need a scope ?
> Don't they have ears ?
> You can infer *some* information on how some periodic waveform
> will sound from a scope display, but it's mostly useless.
> I could easiy show you ten waveforms that look completely
> different but sound exactly the same.
> Ciao,
Hi Fons

You can use several different visual indicators for controlling your 
signal flow, witch one, is up to your taste. Useless or not it's in the 
eye of the watcher. :-)
As an answer to your question, I will give a link to the request from 
the user, well, a bass-player, to exactly this feature, were he describe 
for what and why he need it.


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