[LAU] Ubuntustudio 12.04 audio?

Mac ussndmac at charter.net
Tue Aug 21 10:52:31 UTC 2012

On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 10:33 AM, Len Ovens <len at ovenwerks.net> wrote:
> On Mon, August 20, 2012 3:45 am, Mac wrote:
>> So far my poking around on the net indicates that dbus service between
>> pulse and jack are involved. (if you uncheck the start dbus in
>> qjackctrl only the firewire source/sinks show up).
>> The pulse source/sinks are provided by pulseaudio-module-jack.
>> What control over how things are named or created is still
>> unknown...to me at least.
> Ok I have looked at what I can find of on the pulse-jack bridge. At the
> least it should be possible to turn the auto connect feature off. In the
> file:
> /etc/pulse/default.pa
> change the line:
> load-module module-jackdbus-detect
> to:
> load-module module-jackdbus-detect connect=no
> This file will need to be edited sudo BTW...
> then do the command pulseaudio --kill so pulse respawns and picks up the
> new config. Now when starting jack pulse and system will show up but with
> no connections. manually connect system/capture to PulseAudio Jack
> Source/front-left and capture_1 to front-right and use qjackctl's patchbay
> to save this configuration so you can reconnect this way easily. (even
> automatically at jackstart from qjackctl). Unfortunately, using the save
> current setup option in patchbay does not work. It seems the patch bay
> only saves whole device connects. So you have to create four new dummy
> devices in the patch bay (two on either side with add. That have only
> ports each. The order of ports in these defines is how they will connect.
> Or just leave it unconnected and connect manually as needed.
> I haven't played with this much... just enough to confirm I could get
> stereo connects and that I could switch left and right.
> The pulse source and sink modules have command-line options to set them to
> only 2 outputs (I wish that was the default) but because they are started
> by module-jackdbus-detect, there seems to be no where to put these
> options. However, if you normally only have FW as your only output and so
> have Jack always running it may be possible to hard start the source and
> sink instead of the detect module. Then the options could be set. Still no
> connect as it would still choose 1 and 2 instead of 0 and 1.
> I am hearing that the FW stack is being moved to ALSA (or added?) but I
> don't know how far that is away from actually happening.

That appeared to work for the pulse sinks/sources. But, when I start
the zita-lrx client the sinks and sources get auto connected in the
connection window of qjackctrl.

Who's doing the auto connect...

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