[LAU] Output all audio on other computer's device?

Simon Wise simonzwise at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 08:39:01 UTC 2012

On 26/08/12 22:44, Grant wrote:
> Can I output all audio from one computer on another computer's audio
> device?  If so, is networking the two computers via ethernet and
> running jack with RT priority the best way to do this with as little
> latency as possible?

something left-field to try out if all machines are running X and you have full 
control of those machines would be ssh - it can actually deal with devices and 
forward them, though I believe this facility in X isn't always enabled by 
default (obviously, for security reasons ... just because you let a user ssh 
into a machine doesn't mean you want them to be able to listen to the 
microphone!). You would want to set ssh to its least secure modes for this kind 
of thing to minimise the security overhead, it has many relevant options.

I have not tried it, just read the docs a bit while looking for a similar 
solution, but if both machines can be configured correctly it may be a way to do 
it ... no idea if that would be better or worse latency than jack or pulse with 
their various networking options. I would guess all options involve some 
buffering, and it depends which system buffers the least, and direct forwarding 
of the device seems a reasonable candidate for that.


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