[LAU] orca specific qjackctl problem! please help!

trahern culver sound.warrior20 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 26 16:26:38 UTC 2012

hey all i have a jack audio qjackctl orca specific problem before i tell you what it is heres the spec of my computer: 

14 inch laptop Intel Pentium i7 2.90 ghz quod core processer 

8gb ram 

1tb hard drive 

the problem is this  when i launch qjackctl orca slows down to such a degree that even the most Basic of navigational functions becomes impossible  my research has revealed that when just orca and normal programs are running orca takes up 1% c p u usage but when qjackctl are running together orca takes up 60% c p u usage this is before i try to set jack to use the sound card i want to use for music production. any idea what the problem is? Your help with this problem would be most welcome kind regards trahern.

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