[LAU] hdspmixer oddities

Brent Busby brent at keycorner.org
Sun Dec 9 03:48:03 UTC 2012

There are a couple of assorted manifestations of weirdness I've been 
living with in the hdspmixer utility for RME cards, but I'm starting to 
wonder if it's just my system, or whether it's true everywhere...

The important one is that the preset saving facility doesn't seem to 
actually do anything.  You can store your mixer settings to a preset 
file with .mix extension.  You can even make it the default file so it 
will be loaded when the mixer starts.  But it doesn't seem to actually 
do anything.  I know it *thinks* it's working because the title bar of 
its window shows the name of the default preset file I created...so it 
*thinks* it loaded it, and it does the load automatically when the 
program starts without me having to do it...like it should.

But actually, the settings I'm seeing in the actual faders are exactly 
what you get from factory preset number 1, the stock default, as though 
it hadn't loaded anything.  If I look at other preset buttons, they all 
show factory presets also.  If I manually browse and open a user preset 
file myself in the program's GUI, it never complains, and it seems to 
open, and the opened settings you get from doing that still look 
remarkably just like factory preset #1.

So, in effect, I can't save my mixer settings, which is a shame, because 
on Hammerfall based chips they can get awfully complicated to re-create.

The other problem is more of a nitpick:  The level meter for analog in 
#8, the last analog input on my Multiface II, shows nothing, even when 
there's signal.  Other programs see signal from that input, just not 
hdspmixer.  It's not a practical hindrance, but it's unnerving.

Anyone else seeing any of this stuff?  By the way, I've been seeing this 
for years.  Before I ran Gentoo, I was on Debian.  It's been true on 
both distros across several versions of the alsa-tools package, at least 
here on this system.

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