[LAU] Christmas album produced in Linux

Julien Claassen julien at mail.upb.de
Mon Dec 10 17:38:00 UTC 2012

Hello Jason!
   Let me start with the bad news: this is absolutely not my music. :-)
   OK, now I can dedicate the rest of this mail to all the good points. The 
production is fantastic. Especially back to 337 has a very "round" full sound. 
The choice of stick for the snare - or production - is rather perculiar. all 
the instruments together make a really filled, balanced whole. The vocals are 
very clear and distinct as well. 'd say: superb. No, I do say so.
   UK3 has a snare played in a more agreeable way to myu ears, or just more 
expected way. Although in hindside, I'd say, that I would have expected the 
snare sounds swapped for those two. Nice idea, to start off with a sort of 
fast country reminiscent rhythm and the acoustic guitars and then break into 
the punk routine again.
   If the word "christmas" wouldn't figure so prominently in the lyrics, I'd 
choose this as my soundtrack for the bloody 24th, just because of its happy 
sound, reminding me more of summer, open windows and probably something as 
daft as "cruising round in a car". :-) I could just imagine my neighbour 
having this CD on, windows down and then driving through the neighbourhood 
(lonely country roads with a nice view). :-)
   I can't say this often enough: I LOVE your drums! The way they are 
produced... Yum! :-)
   Warm regards (from a much too cold land)


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