[LAU] Pops when starting/stopping audio stream

Jannis Achstetter jannis_achstetter at web.de
Thu Dec 20 12:38:49 UTC 2012

Am 20.12.2012 13:59, schrieb Asa Marco:
> Hi everyone,
> already once in theater we had a problem with disturbing pops when an
> audio stream was stopped or started from PC, that disappeared by using
> an Edirol UA25EX as interface.
> Now I notice that this problem afflicts also my laptop (either with
> JACK or ALSA) and I really would like to get rid of it. 
> Is the crappy internal soundcard (Intel, chip Realtek
> ALC269) the only one to blame? What could cause these pops?
> Is there any way to deal with it at software level?

Ususally when there's such a problem it happens when a program
opens/closes the (ALSA) device. In such case, using JACK helps since the
soundcard is "open" all the time. But since you say it happens when
using JACK, too I guess it might be a power-saving feature. Try
disabling power-saving / auto standby everywhere you can (BIOS, kernel
options, ...)


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