[LAU] New Bach synth version - made with Linux and friends :-)

Julien Claassen julien at mail.upb.de
Thu Dec 20 19:57:57 UTC 2012

Hello everyone1
   Here's another synthesizer version of a Bach piece. This time it's the 
Invention in C Minor. I couldn't really decide, which my strongest influence 
should be on this arrangement, so it's somewhere in between Carlos and Tomita. 
   Or through the website:
   The strings are a Solina sample, coming from LinuxSampler, the rest is 
NordLead3. and of course some fantastic plugins and a wonderful recording 
software. So this time thanks to Joel, for his continuous and tireless work, 
to the CALF team for the superb phaser and to Tim Goetze for my favourite 
plate reverb! the list could go on, but these are the most forming pieces of 
software - or art - in this piece.
   Feedback as ever is welcome, otherwise, just enjoy.
   Warmly yours


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