[LAU] Some New Music from Ogle & Carrasco

Egor Sanin egor.sanin at gmail.com
Fri Dec 21 20:20:39 UTC 2012

On 12/16/12, Garry Ogle <garry.ogle at talktalk.net> wrote:
> I normally just lurk here but - having received some positive feedback
> from a well-respected member of this list - I thought I might de-cloak
> to share some of our recent tunes with you.
> you can listen on Soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/garryo
> and here some direct links:
Great stuff!

Hah, the intro to Nunataq REALLY reminds of the SNES Zelda (a link to
the past it's called, I think).  It's in one of the castles that this
sort of arpeggio is heard, with a very similar timbre.  I haven't
played that in a while!

Thanks for sharing!

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