[LAU] Live mic and monitoring (was rant.)

Roger gurusonic at gmail.com
Sun Dec 30 09:35:30 UTC 2012

it may be too far off to take into consideration, but you could test 
microphones by Bob Heil.
> He invented the talk box long ago but made some microphones that are 
> used by some serious acts like Alice In Chains, Charlie Daniels, ZZ 
> Top, Joan Baez, Kansas and Stone Temple Pilots as well as Coast Hills 
> Church and Northpoint Church to name a few.
> I recently bought the Heil PR 35 for me as a singing drummer and also 
> recommended the PR 20 and PR 22 as an announcer mic to my local church.
> Heil's PR 20UT model http://www.heilsound.com/pro/microphones/pr-20-ut 
> costs $101 and is worth a try to the concurring SM58 at nearly the 
> same price point.
> Your experience might be different, but they sound natural without 
> needing much EQ.
> Just my 2 cents and God bless, Marius
I'd like to add another 2c to this discussion and highly recommend the 
Sennheiser "e" series of microphones. The e845 is one of the nicest 
sounding vocal mics for stage use at a really good price. Warm and 
natural with great clarity without that nasty peakiness of SM58s. They 
make my job as a monitor engineer a breeze. For that condenser mic 
sound, I prefer the e965 to the more commonly used Beta87A and Neumann 
KMS105 which are way more expensive.
We also use Sennheiser instrument mics - e901, e902, e904 and e906 which 
are all great for their respective purposes.
No, I'm not sponsored by Sennheiser, we also use Shure, Beyer, and 
AudioTechnica. And yes, I like some of the Heil mics I've tried, 
particularly vocal mics, but prefer the Sennheisers.

(I'm House Engineer at a large club venue in Melbourne)

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