[LAU] First single made with linux audio

mn0 mn0 at fukked-up.de
Fri Jun 15 19:00:14 UTC 2012

Hi LAUs,

I proudly present you the first single we ever made.
And we made it with Linux, of course ;)

It's called What It Means To Me.
check out in English http://deathrokk.com/wim2m
or German http://deathrokk.com/wim2m_de
or just one-click-download the free mp3
or download ogg files

We have some other 18 songs recorded.
12 besides the a side of the single will be on our upcoming album.
We have a bunch of video material from the recording.
The documentary on it will be online, as soon, as we've captured all the
tapes and cut them etc. I'll tell you, when it's there.

If you think there are some obvious flaws in the mix, that we should
avoid on the album, now is your turn. Because now we can still change it.
That doesn't mean you have to search too closely.
Our whole studio excl. instruments is less than 1k€, so advices to use
Neumann mics as overheads won't help.

Anyway, I just wanted to share what we've made with wonderful tools like
rt-kernel, ardour, jamin and jack...
Thank you, devs and contributors.

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