[LAU] Finally, some prog rock for you!

Julien Claassen julien at mail.upb.de
Fri Jun 15 20:14:16 UTC 2012

Hi Ken!
   This is an interesting album. Let me first get the criticism of my chest: I 
don't like the bass drum. It somehw sounds flat and sometimes has too much 
release. The other bit is, that for my taste it sometimes gets too American. 
Musically as well as arrangement-wise. But that no more than personal taste. 
Doesn't say anything about the musical quality.
   Now let's get to the rest: More than once it reminded me of the good old 
times. The first piece had its moments, where it reminded me of Gentle Giant 
somehow. The singer brings back Genesis and Gabriel.
   I like the purely instrumental passages, when they get up to the 
rhythmically interesting bits. Almost Yes-esque here and there. It sounds 
liike I think this album to be a copycat of a lot of bands. I do not, it 
definitely has its own sound. It may remind me of a lot of other bands in 
places, but the whole has something, I haven't heard before.
   Where did they take the mellotron from? Is it the Gigatron?
   I love all the jazzy songs in the later part of the album. In my current 
mod, that appeals very much to me. Besides, it has such a calming effect on 
me. It's so outside of time. Starting with Menager I (the French one) I really 
enjoy the album without a break. The trumpet is rather cool! and I like the 
organ: I assume, this is Beatrix?
   Also the snare in Menager sounds terribly 70s.
   If in my ears this album has a constant lack, then it is, that he tends to 
compose things too much alined to each other in the verses. Never mind. 
sometimes this is very pleasant and makes a very good difference to the 
rhythmically diverse sections.
   all in all: I enjoyed the album. Good - if sparse - instrumentation. The 
recording is good quality and the instrumentalists are good. I already spoke 
about my favourable impression of the singer.
   Well pass on my thanks for this beautiful piece of music.
   Warm regards

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