[LAU] First single made with linux audio

mn0 mn0 at fukked-up.de
Fri Jun 15 22:08:29 UTC 2012

On 15.06.2012 22:58, mn0 wrote:
> Ok I've found the first mistake...
> didn't bypass the compressors in master insert.
> still jamin default settings.
> That is a good reason why levels except a few peaks are so low...
> the peaks went through the huge 100ms default attack, the rest is
> leveled down...
> ...never do a mix in a rush.

Maybe the mistake wasn't there, jamin doesn't save compressor bypass
states, as i found out now. Could this be a bug? (v0.95.0)
I don't know if I activated bypass back then. I think so, but I'll try
comparing the resulting wave to the old one.
Need a 6400*4800 screen and make screenshots in the future.


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