[LAU] [Music made with linux] Sad Sam Lucky Outtakes

Luka Prinčič / Nova deViator nova at deviator.si
Tue Jun 19 15:36:05 UTC 2012

hi all

recently i have made music for a theatre piece, but there was so much
left-overs, i have edited them and compiled them in a collection of

everything was made using some home-made granulators in Pure Data and a
bit of pianino here and there. small edits in ardour. ubuntu and

cc-licenced, downloadable FLAC OGG MP3,
+ Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Archive.org and flattr, if you like.



Luka Prinčič / Nova deViator 

D6A4 595B F092 684A 389E  CD9D 1397 C721 FFA5 2FD7

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