[LAU] [Music made with linux] Sad Sam Lucky Outtakes

Julien Claassen julien at mail.upb.de
Tue Jun 19 17:54:12 UTC 2012

Hello Luka!
   Long time no hear, at least not that I can remember and something so 
different too. :-)
   I perceive this as a soundtrack. for that: yes it has its great moments. I 
love the menace in "all the telephone connections are down". Wonderful for a 
radioplay in my head. Accompanying some eastern european scifi, from one of 
the grand masters.
   "Spirit soul" is another one, that touched me. It struck a chord. I can also 
hear it accompanying sometying. Something big, slightly frightening perhaps. 
but perhaps just frightening in its imensity and revelation. I don't know why, 
yet I just thought of "A sea named Solaris". :-)
   The last one, that really suitesmy heart's inner ear, is "End of "The End of 
Development". though I couldn't match this up to a particular scene. Maybe an 
intro or outro, which recaptures the general atmosphere. so wonderfully dark 
and promising doom and then again lifting slightly, before it chills you to 
the bone.
   Nice work. But the basic principle of composition or technology behind it 
gets a little boring after a while. Yeah, it makes for a good set of pieces, 
yet I'm in love with variety. I grant you: the integral slide sticks out by a 
mile. parts from that too could be very useful to take the listener and 
highten his sense of the situation.
   Thank you for sharing this with us, especially all the different formats and 
platforms. That is greatly appreciated!
   Warm regards

Such Is Life: Very Intensely Adorable;
Free And Jubilating Amazement Revels, Dancing On - FLOWERS!

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