[LAU] FLOSS your music: Robert Jonsson

Robert Jonsson spamatica at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 19:21:53 UTC 2012

Hi Julien!

2012/6/24 Julien Claassen <julien at mail.upb.de>:
> Hello Roberto and Robert! :-)
>  This was again an enjoyable read. At a few points I had the feeling, that
> the last editing was done in greater hurry.

There might be some truth to that, Roberto is getting married soon he
told me, that might take up quite a chunk of his time I imagine ;)
And congratulations again Roberto! \\//

> I also ad the feeling, that this
> episode gave the appearance of being rather short.
>  It was interesting to get the guitarists view. the typical hands-on
> experience. Though in a way, this is wrong, sicne Robert was engaged in
> Muse. I didn't know that.

Oh, you didn't? I am though and has been for a very long time. :)

Not sure what you mean with it being wrong, I do work with MusE (and
develop to some extent) but I am a guitarist, I don't think musically
like a keyboard player, that's what I believe anyway.

> It would have been nice to read a little more
> about practicalities. Though I expect, that after a while, it might get
> slightly repetitive in details, when people don't use some extraordinary
> piece of software. :-)
>  Robert: I don't even remember, if I ever commented on either Timmar or
> Kilva Av. I've listened to both of them again and found, that I enjoyed it
> very much. I like the drum sound of timmar a lot.

It is really a very dirty sound but it works very well in that song.

> Kliva Av's drums aren't
> bad either, but somehow Timmar was more engaging that way. I do prefer the
> guitars and the ORGAN :-) in Kliva Av. The singing too is wonderful. It has
> a slight menace in the verses and a good driving ring in the chorus. Well, I
> am a sucker for good funk. Ever snce my first encounter with Eddie Harris, I
> loved good funk. Especially those areas of the genre, where it crosses
> instruments and ideas with other genres and gets a little more substance to
> it.

Phew, thanks :)

>  Both of you: A nice job and a good read. It's always enjoyable to readabout
> other artists, how they use Linux. Even more interesting to me though: Just
> how they think about music, approach their own creativity and where they
> come from. The good old idle curiousity, that killed the cat. :-)
>  Warmly yours
>           Julien

Indeed, it's good to get different perspectives, we all try to make
music but the approach varies enormously.


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