[LAU] My mix of Dave's Blues

S. Massy lists at wolfdream.ca
Tue Jun 26 21:26:26 UTC 2012

Hey, Julien, thanks for the response.

Yes, there is reverb on everything: jconvolver for the instruments, and
a plate on the vocals, but very conservatively applied, as you noted. I
was going for an accoustic  or small venue feel, which I felt was best
suited for this song; but that's an aesthetic, which means subjective,

The stereo field is indeed narrow: I tried widening it, but didn't like
the result, so I stuck to something more crowded.

There is EQ on most things, guitar especially. I agree about the
low-mid hump, wwhich is the only thing I would have further refined when
listening to the mix again today after a couple days rest. Low-mids were
one of the challenges in this mix: I removed a fair bit, but perhaps
could have removed a touch more. On the other hand, I feel the low-mid
punch gives a bit of a balsy feel which is not entirely unpleasant, but
does not necessarily translate well in every speaker/headphone.

Thanks again.


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