[LAU] Batch Convert .wav to .ogg and .mp3 with tags

Georg Holzmann grh at mur.at
Mon May 14 07:15:43 UTC 2012


> I realize that the mp3 format is proprietary, but I have the
> libmp3lame library installed which allows audacity to work with
> mp3 files.  Is there any way that sox can be configured with this
> library to work with mp3?
> Or is there  tool other than sox that people recommend?

I would just use lame for mp3 encoding and oggenc for ogg encoding.

> Also, it would be very useful when doing these
> conversions from .wav to .ogg and .mp3, to be able
> to set some of the tags in the header.

Yes, you can set the tags both with lame and oggenc!

Good luck!

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