[LAU] Batch Convert .wav to .ogg and .mp3 with tags

Lorenzo Sutton lorenzofsutton at gmail.com
Mon May 14 11:07:02 UTC 2012

On 13/05/12 22:48, Ivan K wrote:

> Sox works with the .ogg format fine but when trying to
> convert to an .mp3 file I get the message:
>     /usr/local/sox-14.3.1/src/.libs/lt-sox FAIL formats: no handler for file extension `mp3'
> I realize that the mp3 format is proprietary, but I have the
> libmp3lame library installed which allows audacity to work with
> mp3 files.  Is there any way that sox can be configured with this
> library to work with mp3?
Just for completeness, yes it can, but you have to recompile it [1] 
(This is not really that hard e.g. on Debian).

But as already suggested you might be happier to use a specific sox 
encoder such as lame. Also that way your script will be more portable.


[1] See http://sox.sourceforge.net/soxformat.html (scroll to .mp3)

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