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Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Mon May 14 07:43:55 UTC 2012

Am 13.05.2012 11:20, schrieb J. Liles:
> On Sat, May 12, 2012 at 8:54 AM, Mike Mazarick<mazarick at bellsouth.net>  wrote:
> [bullshit]
> Sigh. My opinion? Do something useful or GTFO. Linux Audio runs on the
> vision and action of a very small group. Why is that group so small?
> Good question,

Excellent Question indeed.

After the times of "y` need to have an experienced nerd beside you to 
even make it bleep and this nerd needs to be a Linux *Audio* nerd, which 
is a beast even harder to find than your average Linux nerd (who use to 
know little of s.c. realtime...)." are gone, anybody *could* at least 
try this Linux Audio kind of thing right?

But they dont.

Why is that? Simply put: even though Linux Audio deos work now, the 
other thing works also and it offers more apps that use to be more 
convenient and well known amongst musicians. Add some pictures and 
statements by Josh Homme or Simon Phillips or any other well respected 
musician and make them  say: "I use this plugin, else I could not blow 
your heads off." And the people believe. And the plugins do work and 
offer a lot of fun and anybody can find a special priced "version" of 
its Windows-installer on the internets.

Whenever people see me working with Ardour, Guitarix, Qtractor, 
KDenlive, AMS or CALF, they say: "Not bad, I did not know that! Seems to 
work nearly the same as good as my Samplitude/NI/Cubase/Reaper" you name it.

But of course they do not switch. Because they cannot easily *add* Linux 
Audio to their arsenal but they have to indeed switch.

If you build a fine guitar, that sounds the same as good as any Fender 
or Gibson and of course better than any PRS, and that even looks very 
good and unique, people will like to have it.
But not, if you build them with special plugs that can only connect to 
special amps none of the Gibsons and Fenders and Hagstroms can play with.

But we cannot do anything else because our amp is just great and it is 
the only relevant one with built-in freedom. So I guess, we have to 
support the devs as good as we can, use the software for our own good 
and spread the word.
And hope, that the appreciation of the state of *not* being a mere 
customer gains more importance for more people.

And by all means let us drop this "I love it cuz its free beer!" kind of 
thing. If we want pro-software that is free as in freedom we should pay 
people for writing it.

best regards


> but you're not helping by posting BS on the mailing
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