[LAU] USB audio interfaces >= 8 channels

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Tue May 15 10:33:54 UTC 2012

I don't see any evidence that this is a class compliant USB 2.0
device. As such it seems unlikely to be usable on Linux. This is the
first question you need to resolve.

On 5/15/12, Robin Gareus <robin at gareus.org> wrote:
> Hi *,
> I'm looking into buying a new audio-interface. It should have at least 8
> analog in and 8 analog outputs - preferably both unbalanced XML and work
> with various laptops for the foreseeable future (which likely rules out
> firewire and cardbus).
> It should be able to provide phantom-power and have decent preamps but
> they don't need to be excellent (that's what real preamps are for).
> It must be portable and robust (both physical as well as electrical ie.
> ground-lift) and it goes without saying: be supported by Linux.
> It should also not be more expensive than 1000 euros; and preferably
> cheaper.
> So far I'm eying the Presonus Audiobox 1818VSL:
> http://www.presonus.com/products/Detail.aspx?ProductId=65
> It has only balanced outputs but otherwise fits the bill.
> What seems weird with with this box: it has a word-clock out but no
> word-clock input. Also, while it does support up to 96K SPS digitally,
> all analog I/O is apparently limited to 20Hz-20kHz (the latter might be
> a good thing, though). Oh well. good enough. What is not clear to me is
> if the balanced I/Os are [or can be] ground-lifted.
> Does anyone have experience with this device? Pros/Cons?
> What's the minimum round-trip latency achieved with jack?
> Any alternative suggestions?
> Bonus-point if the device comes without useless bundled software :)
> TIA,
> robin
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