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I believe that some of the people involved are, at least college-level 

The English index is here:

When I try to go there, at the moment, I get a piece of garbage text; 
viewing source shows this heading in the source:
<!-- SHTML Wrapper - 500 Server Error -->

The Portuguese page is working fine:

Here's a page in their wiki with download links for Musix 3 beta:


On 05/18/2012 03:54 AM, David Tisdell wrote:
> Musix is created by educators? That is cool
> On Fri, May 18, 2012 at 3:41 AM, david wrote:
>     On 05/17/2012 12:33 PM, jimmy wrote:
>      >> On 05/17/2012 02:26 AM, David Tisdell wrote:
>      >>
>      >>> I hear you but as a music teacher and music software
>      >> evangelist, it is
>      >>> huge when I can push an app that runs on multiple
>      >> platforms to an
>      >>> education audience. I do all of my most important audio
>      >> work in Linux
>     [snips]
>      > Different platforms will have multitude of problems relating to
>      > testing, different versions of libraries, drivers, software...
>     I use a panorama creator called Hugin. I use Debian Sid on 2 different
>     machines, identical distros, identical version of Hugin. On one machine,
>     Hugin works flawlessly. On the other, Hugin silently dies whenever I
>     attempt to preview a panorama. The difference? Display hardware! The one
>     where it works has NVidia video, the one where it crashes has Intel
>     video. Hugin is multiplatform (Linux, Windows, OS X) and has more
>     developers, but even they're having problems keeping the OS X release
>     up-to-date.
>     Sorry, doesn't help the problem of audio software and hardware. Have a
>     friend who has tried 3 different hardware systems and 2 different
>     versions of Windows (XP and 7) trying to get his commercial pro audio
>     software to work reliably. He's about given up.
>     I've had some success using live Linux audio distros like Musix on
>     different hardware (including one of the systems my friend's commercial
>     pro audio software had problems with). I think Musix is created by
>     educators, perhaps they could work with you to produce a live CD/DVD
>     that would allow students to boot their home computers and work and save
>     things onto a thumb drive that they could take back and forth between
>     home and school?
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