[LAU] Still here (not as often as I'd like)

Julien Claassen julien at mail.upb.de
Sat Aug 3 21:47:07 UTC 2013

Hello Will!
   Thanks for this latest addition to your tunes. the mixing is good and the 
arrangement, although small, is well chosen. It works well together and 
doesn't get in each others way. Some might say, this is absolute child's play 
with a small arrangement, but even with synths, you need to take care of a few 
   I liked the addition of the second choir sound in the background. I assume 
it was a second choir sound and not just the lower register. Whatever it was, 
it came in nicely.
   the tune itself is definitely not my favourite one of yours. Too happy, 
especially after reading these triste, reprimanding words, which accompany the 
piece. Also it gave the appearance of being played rather haltingly, 
hesitatingly. As if you weren't sure, where to go to next. Knowing, that you 
can play differently, I asume, that this was done deliberately and later on it 
slowly winds down.
   but what can you say, I don't even like all the tunes by my favourite band 
in the world. So, I'll be happily waiting until the next tune. :-) It's good 
to know, that you are there, making music, even though you haven't done as 
much as you'd have liked to in the recent past. Such things usually go up and 
   Warm regards


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