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Doesn't this issue exist in everything mankind produces? Does the material and money aspect - really - have anything to do with it? Any personal satisfaction I've had in life has ALWAYS had some form of "giving without absurd expectation". The pattern IMHO is by no means an exclusive to software development, audio, etc.  Its called Service! To some, maybe altruism. How cool that it supports both! 

As a "user" of Linux audio since 2000 or so, I have had many very positive experiences over all. They did not
Require a conversation related to open source vs. proprietary. They were just bloody good, period!  I do announce to all that ask what I use and that the benefits outweigh the "problems". Most that are not aware of Linux Audio are simply delighted to hear there is another option! The granular analysis by the insiders, as to be expected, is just that. It's not personal.. It's the process near as I can tell. And it produces awesome results as a collective? Is that not the real reward for all? Money is necessary to pay bills, sure. But If all devs were motivated by this alone, I doubt this conversation could exist. 

I don't know shit really. What I do know in this life is that if someone does you a solid in someway, showing gratitude and positive response provides far more of what you were likely seeking in the 1st place. To the devs... Especially the meaty apps such as DAW's, etc... You make the audio world (MUSIC is why we are here... Isn't it??) a better place to be!! Thank you!! To the users, support em, share some $love$ with them if you can... Bug reports? Ne'er done one!! Never been a bug so serious I didn't have good "options" to work around it somehow. 

Disclaimer: this is only my perspective. Its not personal toward any other author on this thread. Without the all, there would be No One. 

I love it all. :) and my God, how far has Linux audio come in the last 15 yrs? A model that was 'Bankrupt before it started' in the words of Steve Balmer. 


~ Russell

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> On Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 9:56 AM, Dan MacDonald <allcoms at gmail.com> wrote:
>> If you don't care what other users think of your software, why release the source?
> Out of the goodness of their hearts. To save other people the trouble of having to spend years developing such tools themselves. Just because one is giving and unselfish doesn't mean one has to be pathologically subservient.
> Imagine this: someone has run out of gas. Do you A) help them by giving them a bit of gas that you already happened to have in your vehicle or B) Give them the title to your car and walk home. Is the person who chooses option A selfish? I don't think so. I think they're kind and giving. The person who chooses option B is insane.
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