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I'm still not sure I understand the point of bringing this up in the first
place. At first you sounded like you were announcing that you were giving
up on participating and maybe even using free software. Now you've
corrected that, but that just makes the whole thing seem even more
pointless. Is the purpose only to vent? You say you're not frustrated, but
honestly I can't see how anything constructive can come out of what is
essentially complaining combined with inaction. Complaining wihtout
offering any solutions is about the most useless thing a human being can do
with their time. If you want to be apathetic, fine, but why announce it in
public? Life is a struggle. Things are hard. Shit breaks. Technology is
complicated. Time is short. None of these facts are specific to linux audio
or even free software. I'm sorry you've had to struggle with technology
from time to time that was offered to you freely and without waranty.
Perhaps your time would be better spent seeking out a synthesizer for the
sound of the world's smallest violin playing just for you.
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